Accent Master is pleased to offer these outstanding products and services for English pronunciation.  Find the solution to your pronunciation challenges in one of these effective programs!


English pronunciation training via webcam

Private Instruction

Our most popular and effective service!  Each class is customized to meet your needs.

Our private classes are available nationwide through video conference calling or by telephone.  This convenient method of attending class does not even require you to leave your home or office.  We offer flexible scheduling, personal attention and unsurpassed expertise.  Enroll now and get started speaking English clearly and confidently.

We will work with all accents, both foreign and regional. 

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A complete accent training program.  Increase your intelligibility quickly and easily. Our English pronunciation software is customized to build on the strengths of your first language.  We have different editions based on each of the following language backgrounds.
Arabic Cantonese Farsi French
German Hindi Igbo Japanese
Korean Malay Malayalam Mandarin
Polish Portuguese Russian Spanish
Tagalog Thai Turkish Vietnamese

Telephone speech evaluations

Telephone Evaluation

Are you interested in finding out how intelligible you are? Our in-depth evaluation will give you feedback on your strengths and weaknesses in English pronunciation. One of our English Pronunciation experts will perform the evaluation using a webcam or telephone. The evaluation will include a standard test and an interview. The instructor will then analyze your speech and provide you with a detailed written report. The report will identify sound substitutions, differences in rhythm, word stress and any other factors that may be affecting your intelligibility. You will receive a rating and an explanation of your overall score.

This service is also an excellent tool for employers looking to identify the communication level of their future or present employees.  The cost for this is only $125.

English pronunciation for presentations

Presentation Pronunciation & Delivery

Learn how to more effectively communicate to your audience. In these short term classes, you and your instructor will review your speech, checking for vocabulary, grammatical and flow issues. The class will focus exclusively on the material you are presenting. Your presentation may simply be speaking at meetings, giving introductions, instructional situations, or key note speeches. What ever your opportunity is to showcase your knowledge you will be able to deliver clearly, concisely and with confidence!

You may register for a minimum of 3 sessions.  Each session is one hour, and can be conducted in our NYC offices or via video-conference calling.  The camera will be provided to you for the length of the class.
Three sessions for $325.