"Accent Master is a highly efficient and effective tool for proper pronunciation. It is easy to use and will definitely enhance your speaking ability."

 - Florence Tse, Director of New York City's Port Of Entry Language Development Program


"The customer service has been outstanding!"

 - Peter Petrov, California


"I am so much more confident when I talk to people."

 - MG, California 







Accent Master English Pronunciation Software

English pronunciation software

Top 10 reasons why Accent Master Software is the right choice for you.

  1. We have over 20 editions each targeting just one language background. When you speak to someone with an accent, can you guess what country the other person is from? This is possible because every language has its own system of sounds that are carried-over to English making their own distinct accent. Most other products treat all of these people the same! The Chinese speaker does not have the same issues as the Hindi or Spanish speaker. Their mistakes are different and need to be addressed differently!

    We created Accent Masterís customized software and have identified and targeted the English sounds the individual needs to work on. Do not waste your time working on sounds that you can already speak without a problem as other products would have you do! Our program is more efficient than others. For example Mandarin speakers do not have trouble making the /w/ sound (as in winter), so the Mandarin edition of Accent Master does not waste time on this sound. Hindi, German, and Russian speakers do have trouble with the /w/ sound so Accent Master will focus on that sound for those native speakers.

    We not only know what sounds each user needs to work on but we know exactly what error they are making. Our software can then address that error directly. This makes the learning much more effective. For example, Spanish speakers often change a /z/ to an /s/ when it is the last sound in a word. (Note that in Standard American English, when the letter s is in the final position that follows a vowel or a voiced consonant it is produced as a /z/ as in eyes, cries and begs.) So when we are teaching the /z/ sound we can point out that Spanish speakers only need to add voicing (use their vocal chords) to make the correct sound. They do not have to worry about where to place their tongue, lips, jaw, etc... We can just focus on the error itself.

    Of course for all of the sounds used in Standard American English we include detailed instructions on how to make the sound.

  2. Our software was created by a speech therapist who is an expert in the field of accent reduction. She started teaching accent reduction classes in New York City nine years ago.

  3. Our software has very high quality recordings. All recordings were made using CD quality parameters and then gently compressed to fit on a disc. This is why our software is so big (hundreds of Megabytes). Many other programs have very heavily compressed recordings. They do this so that their programs can run over the internet but the compression is so high that the recordings are distorted. Some software programs claim to have thousands of recordings but are only 5 MB! That is too small. The recording will be too compressed and will not sound natural.

  4. All of our recordings were made by native English speakers who have lived their entire lives in the United States. No computer generated voices were used. No foreign speakers were used for model recordings.

  5. We have thousands of model recordings of words and thousands of model recordings of sentences.

  6. We have a "Shuffle" button available on each of the games and exercises within the program. This button will scramble the questions and answers so a game or exercise may be used over and over and each time it will be new. Although it is hard to believe we have seen programs in this field that do not randomize their questions and answers. After you play their game a few times you start remembering the answers. This makes their games useless after the first few times they are played. All Accent Master games and exercises are randomized each time you play. This means that you can work with the program for hundreds of hours with repeating the same question set over and over.

  7. Our software works on both the sounds (segmentals) and advanced topics (suprasegmentals) such as word stress, linking, and intonation. Many software programs only address one or the other and are not complete.

  8. Our program is modern and uses the latest technology to enhance classic teaching techniques. We have better graphics, audio, and instructions than any other program of its kind.

  9. We include videos and animated graphics showing how to make each sound. We also include instructional videos to teach some of the more advanced areas of pronunciation.

  10. Our software is complete and self contained. Everything you need is contained on the CD. We do not sell links to free resources on the internet. Increase your intelligibility quickly and easily. 



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