Have a Mac?


Unfortunately our software does not run natively on Macintosh operating systems.  However, we are aware of a number of customers who love both, their Macs and our software.  They have come up with a couple of ways to get our software to run on a Mac.  This information was given to us by some of those happy customers.


There are two options for running our software (and other Windows software) on your Mac:

1. Install Windows XP/Vista/7 on your Mac under Boot Camp. To do this, run "Boot Camp Assistant.app" (found in Applications > Utilities) and follow the onscreen instructions. A disadvantage of this method is that you must reboot your computer each time you want to switch between Mac OS X and Windows.

2. To avoid the need to reboot your Mac, you can also buy virtualization software. Please note that the two leading options listed below are not sold or supported by Accent Master. However, the Accent Master software (and other Windows software) should then run on your Mac in a virtual Windows environment, and you'll be able to switch between it and your Mac OS X applications without having to restart.

VMware Fusion > https://www.vmware.com/products/fusion
Parallels Desktop > http://www.parallels.com/products/desktop

We hope you find this information helpful! 


Please keep in mind that we can not offer technical support for Macintosh operating system issues.